IVOIRE Workshop 2023

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Historically, formal methods and supported environments have focused more on only one-half of the quality-assurance process: verification (are we building the software right?). The other half, validation (are we building the right software?) has been given much less attention, i.e., we have fewer automated/push-button tools available for validation, unlike verification.

The IVOIRE project focuses on developing an enhanced formal paradigm based on an extension of the refinement framework that includes a comprehensive validation process and toolchain to perform validation obligations. The main goal of this workshop was to provide a platform for formal methods practitioners, researchers, and academics to discuss various issues associated with validation for formal methods, including but not limited to:

  • Validation obligations or other systematic approaches to validation
  • Relation between refinement and validation, and the interplay between verification and validation
  • Environments and tools to manage the validation process
  • Evaluations, benchmarkings, case studies, etc.

The IVOIRE workshop was co-located with ABZ 2023 in Nancy, France and took place on 30th of May 2023.

IVOIRE Workshop 2023 Nancy.jpg


The workshop took place on 30th of May 2023, 14:30–17:30.


Workshop chairs:

  • Atif Mashkoor (JKU Linz, Austria)
  • Michael Leuschel (HHU Düsseldorf, Germany)

Workshop organizing committee:

  • Sebastian Stock (JKU Linz, Austria)
  • Fabian Vu (HHU Düsseldorf, Germany)
  • David Geleßus (HHU Düsseldorf, Germany)